Cut to lenght lines
or edge trimming lines

Slitting lines

We fit out plants for the interim trimming of rolled strips and slitting lines for the precise adjustment of semi-finished products. We have experience in handling high surface quality in combination with high-speed plants.

Our specific products:

Drive control

  • Knife drive control for master and drag function
  • Edge winder and edge cutting control
  • Loop control
  • Dancer control
  • Coiler control with compensation for friction and inertia
  • Support drive control
  • Winding calculator, self-regulating Coiler compensation
  • Paper winder


  • Recipe schedules
  • Automatic stop device using strip length, coil weight, diameter
  • Coil partitioning devices
  • Coil handling
  • Safety controls
  • Process visualisation
  • Integration of process data into the customer’s network


  • Screw-down for knife heads (clearance, insertion) with synchronisation function
  • Strip width positioning
  • Laying technique of edge strips