Solitions for cold rolling mills

Cold rolling mills

Precise knowledge of rolling mill technology facilitates the use of sophisticated technologies in hydraulic screw-downs with precise thickness gauge controls in combination with dynamic drive technology in three-phase AC and DC technology. We have developed comprehensive concepts that we use as solutions in the cold rolling industry.

Our specific products:


  • Hydraulic screw-down for long- and short-stroke cylinders
  • Motorised screw-down for linkable and fixed systems
  • Hybrid screw-down with pre-screw-down
  • Automatic calibration with storage of pass parameters and feasibility studies
  • Rolling force control with envelope protection
  • Position control with envelope protection
  • Seamless switching between operating modes

Thickness gauge control

  • Monitor control (FBC) with downtime pilot control
  • Feed forward control (FFC) with adaptive shift register
  • Mass flow control (MRC) with feasibility studies
  • Skin pass control
  • Elongation control
  • Rolling effectiveness pilot control
  • Tension regulation / speed control

Drive control

  • Automatic stop device, dependent on the pass
  • Coiler control with compensation for friction and inertia
  • Coiler impact compensation
  • Roll drive control for twin-drive and pinion stand gears


  • Pass schedules
  • Roll cooling
  • Roll bending
  • Coil handling
  • Safety controls
  • Process visualisation
  • Integration of process data into the customer’s network